A summer on (and off) board

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No news since few weeks, sorry folks! many new matters (good or bad…) onboard and offboard. We will try to relate you all here…
July had start with the come back of Aurore and Mika, during 1 month we were 3 aboard. Iris great buddies come for help, they also have a sailboat in Martinique. Mechanical, electricity,… we almost fix all the little issues aboard Aleutheria.
Beginning of August, we were joined by Danielo and Jonas, coming from Belgium. Two artists, clown and dancer invited by Iris after met them in Brussels last year. Afterwards the talent Dallal who comes from Kuwait and who makes Hula Loop wonderfully had completed the team. Finally we have onboard many nationalities: French, Italian, Kuwaiti, Belgian… Now it’s time to sail!

The engine previously get out of the boat for strong maintenance is finally ready. The installation is quite easy, in just one day it’s already inside the boat. Iris will still spend a couple of nights to connect everything on the engine before the truth moment… And that’s it, the engine is running! Not with the key, certainly because small electrical problem between the starter and the contactor but a screwdriver do the job. This is a big satisfaction for the team because the breakdowns have breed and to fix it on the other side of the world had always be complicated. But now it work!

Last preparations, filling tanks with water, gasoil, bunkering the food, check the sails, The checklist is complete. Exitation rises… The next day we decide to try a short boat trip before leaving for Malaysia. We leave the marina but after 400 meters the boat is no longer working while the engine is still running.
Here is a new problem. It is the fault of the inverter, the transmission just after the gearbox. Not very serious issue but to repair it will have to get out the engine again, it’s easily repairable but it will take a lot of time. So no more forward. We return to the port in reverse. The first driving experience of the boat for our captain Iris, in moonwalk.
We safely back at the dock but the whole team is down, Batam is an strange island to live because very industrial and working conditions are not easy, it’s very hot. We have to take a decision. For the well-being of all and not stall the project, we will travel without the boat, take fresh air and make Sirkus Laut live elsewhere. We will finish the repair at our next session. Remi the mechanic guy of the team will be part of the trip, once its arrived on board everything will go much faster.

We leave Batam to visit another side of the archipelago, direction Bali! Unfortunately Aurore and Mika can’t follow us, they continue there road to Thailand. We’ll meet again soon, when our sailing roads will cross.
As soon as we arrived in Bali we meet Nachos. Nachos wrote us, several months ago because he also has an association that has several boats. Two are currently in Indonesia. He sails since 4 years. With him we would have a quick show during a jam session in a nice place near Ubud “La Bohemia”. We sailed with him, we went on a deserted island where we spent the night. The wind was weary and quite constant, we were able to get out all the sails, pure happiness. For sure, we will do something together in the next months because his crew is composed of very good musicians. The first night spent on their sailboat, one of the two engines no longer works and guess? Iris and Danielo has worked until 5am on the engine, to believe we are cursed! Problem solved. Thanks to this navigation we find hope to pursue Sirkus Laut on the Aleutheria. Motivated and more determined than ever to bring this adventure to life as soon as we back. But it’s life, sometimes you have to let go of it to take a step back, observe from a distance to find better solutions.

Iris and Danielo continue the trip to Lombok island then Jonas and Dallal on the ‘paradise’ Gili Islands. Our arrival in Lombok was a quite epic. Difficult to break the ice between local and western people here, but with few Indonesian words from Iris and Danielo’s diabolo help a lot. We go to the mountainaround the Rinjani volcano, where there are no tourists. We sleep in a village invited by locals peoples. The people are so nice that we decide to organize a circus workshop with the children of the village to thanks them. All we have to do is go to the rice paddies and whistle for about twenty children running towards us. It was the first time that they had been practicing the circus, and indeed it was the first time he had ever seen a circus. This video show that, the kids are just awesome. We had a lot of fun and with just a clown.


It’s already end of August. It’s time for the team to back.
Iris will go back to the boat in January with a new team to continue the adventure. The boat is off from September to January to fill the account then start again.
Continue to follow us and see you soon for new adventures!