Newsletter April 2018

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The new season starts for Sirkus Laut. Return overthe last weeks, like a new departure. Remi themechanic of the TEAM arrived mid-January hasedge to regulate the last details. Iris has join it at the end of January for the departure. We will haveto go in Lankawi to Malaysia to careen Aeuletheriathe boat. We will recover Dye stick and Clementinein way in Malacca then the rest of the troop will joinus in Lankawi. We had the visit of Star Seekers, asailing ship full musicians with whom we will surf,with Batam (Indonesia) a few days later, we arefinally ready for the big departure. We leave to twoto test this splendid boat.

First of all we go in Nongsa Not, the principal portof the island, which is all in north to make preparethe administrative documents of left the territory.16 Miles, wind of north but we will make onlyengine on this bit of a walk. It turns like a clock,what a happiness! Arrived at Nongsa Not we joinHouia, still a boat full with musician with whom wewill make an end of project, we will speak to youlater about them.

Very a good atmosphere in this marina, aneffective, qualified staff and very nice neighbors,thank you Roberto for this sumptuous coffee. Onour arrival, the secretariat realizes that we misscertain papers and that obtaining will take severaldays. We here visavis a problem because thesites are very expensive here. Fortunately themanager of the marina that Iris has already to meetwith the folding screen know the project and offersall the time to us necessary to have our papers. Itis good to meet human people. This time enablesus to finick detail like installing a reserve of balsam,repairing the lamp of chechmate and to put thewind vane. To obtaining our papers, we leave to make a damping before crossed strait of Malacca(a motorway with cargo liners and floating factory).

We had located a corner between islandsprotected from the wind with 6 basic meter. Rathernot bad! But Navionics (GPS marine) was lackingto us and posed to here us are on sand Goodnothing low register the hull is out of steel, it is enough to wait until the tide goes up. During ourwaiting we had much visit, we even offered thecoffee to the fishermen.

People formidable who stopped to take care of us,vital water, fish and need but our food are alreadyfull. We regained the beach on foot and of thestroke in the course of the day, we thought of arriving on a desert island but not so deserted thatits finally! A few minute after, we find ourselveswith all the children of the village, one sleeps, oneplays with them while spending the time. It is timeto return on Aeuletheria and all to prepare for thehigh tide (4h morning). As this tide is not very high,we must use of stratagem. We attach an end(rope) on a large rock under water to port sidewhich we will connect to a winch of the sailing shipin order to make lean the skittle on the good side.Sayini, a fisherman returns to help us with his boatand its determination. Victoire, at 4:06 of themorning. Aeleutheria is released and we leave. Gohop here us are party for the crossing of the straitof Malacca. The boat does not have anything,hardly some stripes. We take our eases and weleave the veils With a weak but constant wind. Wenote that the bar has waterwheel pains a little

We traverse a few miles and there We havemore and more problems with the bar until losingthe direction completely. It grows dark. We are visavis a real problem. Initially we had to play withthe currents and the accelerator (booster goes back to port side, released gases derives withstarboard) to release itself from the cargo liners.Our small combines brings to us in front of theisland of Pisang (paradisiac island of banana).

We will remain two days to give us of ouremotions. To set out again in the direction ofMalacca we put the pintle which is not simple to handle being given the size of Aeleutheria andwithout direct access the throttle control lever has.

150 miles later we arrive in the night towardsMalacca and we wet close to a splendid greenmosque! We are in a hurry so much to take ashower and to sleep on our two ears. The destinyhas some to decide differently for Remi who was caught a metal end in the eye, which prevented itfrom sleeping all the night. The following daydirection hospital for a long day of waiting but phewall is well, they have good specialists in Malaysia.

Malacca is a city surprising by its coeducationcultural. It was colonized by English, Dutch andPortuguese then by Malaysiens, Chinese andIndians. To mix all that and you have Malacca.Architecture is surprising, by changing district wehave the feeling to change country. Art andarchitecture are surprising. The city is classified world heritage UNESCO.

The girls arrive. Read and Clementine, lend to leave, more justified than ever. They was necessary several days for us longitudinally to cross and downtown broad in order to refuel theboat and to find all necessary logistics missingto our crossing. The day of the departure, 3:00 ofthe morning, the pump with sea water starts to flee,delaying one day the departure. High tide thefollowing day with 5:18, departure. Secondconclusive attempt. Crossed was beautiful andintense, but we use much the engine because littlewind. We wiped a storm what here they call agrain In of nothing time at daybreak, we found ourselves with 3 cumulonimbus around usEveryone activates ourselves, exhausted 2:00 ofsleep per day, we take two laugh immediately onthe large veil and lower the Genoese one. After4:00 we manage to leave, soaked to the reassuredbones The repis will be short. Wedged in thenets of fisherman, engine on off, all the crew withthe aguets, day and night, of fear of blocking thepropeller. It was one rather difficult moment but theTEAM sticks together, all finishes well. We are rewarded by one moment for thanks to the sunset,the dolphins accompany us with a set ablaze sky,driving halfcompartment, noise of the waves,nobody in the neighbourhoods, Caravan De luxe hotel to make us dance on the bridge and jump ofbonitos to far. Happiness. We thus surfed 4 daysfull, makes a halt of 1 day and halfwith Pangkorpour to blow then begun again theroad of salt during still 2 days and half. For a firstcrossing with Aeleutheria and our grass browsershad animated itself a little but like one says, it isthe trade which returns. We handle from now onthe pintle with the toe while playing yams.

 Finally arrived at Langkawi, we rent scooters to discover it. The island is an ECRIN of nature,however, it is not wild, rather rich, modern andadvanced, can be due to the desfiscalisationand the presence of many yachts. Here time islenient, we find our companions Argentinianmusicians with damping in a pretty split filled withphosphorescent plankton. Bbq on the beach withthe browsers, guitars and cajon, we find ouraccount there all the same. Two days of welldeserved rest and rebelote, one buys allequipment to careen the boat, then the projectfinally will hatch, we envisage to return to us in theschools and associations of the island. Wepatiently expect the date or we will be able to leavethe boat and the EC set out again for 15 days ofbuilding site. We off envisage workshops circusesduring our days. Building site, circus, bathe,meetings, are the main words of the adventure.With final, 457 miles parcouruset of the millionstories to tell you!