A summer on (and off) board

A summer on (and off) board

No news since few weeks, sorry folks! many new matters (good or bad…) onboard and offboard. We will try to relate you all here…
July had start with the come back of Aurore and Mika, during 1 month we were 3 aboard. Iris great buddies come for help, they also have a sailboat in Martinique. Mechanical, electricity,… we almost fix all the little issues aboard Aleutheria.
Beginning of August, we were joined by Danielo and Jonas, coming from Belgium. Two artists, clown and dancer invited by Iris after met them in Brussels last year. Afterwards the talent Dallal who comes from Kuwait and who makes Hula Loop wonderfully had completed the team. Finally we have onboard many nationalities: French, Italian, Kuwaiti, Belgian… Now it’s time to sail!

The engine previously get out of the boat for strong maintenance is finally ready. The installation is quite easy, in just one day it’s already inside the boat. Iris will still spend a couple of nights to connect everything on the engine before the truth moment… And that’s it, the engine is running! Not with the key, certainly because small electrical problem between the starter and the contactor but a screwdriver do the job. This is a big satisfaction for the team because the breakdowns have breed and to fix it on the other side of the world had always be complicated. But now it work!

Last preparations, filling tanks with water, gasoil, bunkering the food, check the sails, The checklist is complete. Exitation rises… The next day we decide to try a short boat trip before leaving for Malaysia. We leave the marina but after 400 meters the boat is no longer working while the engine is still running.
Here is a new problem. It is the fault of the inverter, the transmission just after the gearbox. Not very serious issue but to repair it will have to get out the engine again, it’s easily repairable but it will take a lot of time. So no more forward. We return to the port in reverse. The first driving experience of the boat for our captain Iris, in moonwalk.
We safely back at the dock but the whole team is down, Batam is an strange island to live because very industrial and working conditions are not easy, it’s very hot. We have to take a decision. For the well-being of all and not stall the project, we will travel without the boat, take fresh air and make Sirkus Laut live elsewhere. We will finish the repair at our next session. Remi the mechanic guy of the team will be part of the trip, once its arrived on board everything will go much faster.

We leave Batam to visit another side of the archipelago, direction Bali! Unfortunately Aurore and Mika can’t follow us, they continue there road to Thailand. We’ll meet again soon, when our sailing roads will cross.
As soon as we arrived in Bali we meet Nachos. Nachos wrote us, several months ago because he also has an association that has several boats. Two are currently in Indonesia. He sails since 4 years. With him we would have a quick show during a jam session in a nice place near Ubud “La Bohemia”. We sailed with him, we went on a deserted island where we spent the night. The wind was weary and quite constant, we were able to get out all the sails, pure happiness. For sure, we will do something together in the next months because his crew is composed of very good musicians. The first night spent on their sailboat, one of the two engines no longer works and guess? Iris and Danielo has worked until 5am on the engine, to believe we are cursed! Problem solved. Thanks to this navigation we find hope to pursue Sirkus Laut on the Aleutheria. Motivated and more determined than ever to bring this adventure to life as soon as we back. But it’s life, sometimes you have to let go of it to take a step back, observe from a distance to find better solutions.

Iris and Danielo continue the trip to Lombok island then Jonas and Dallal on the ‘paradise’ Gili Islands. Our arrival in Lombok was a quite epic. Difficult to break the ice between local and western people here, but with few Indonesian words from Iris and Danielo’s diabolo help a lot. We go to the mountainaround the Rinjani volcano, where there are no tourists. We sleep in a village invited by locals peoples. The people are so nice that we decide to organize a circus workshop with the children of the village to thanks them. All we have to do is go to the rice paddies and whistle for about twenty children running towards us. It was the first time that they had been practicing the circus, and indeed it was the first time he had ever seen a circus. This video show that, the kids are just awesome. We had a lot of fun and with just a clown.


It’s already end of August. It’s time for the team to back.
Iris will go back to the boat in January with a new team to continue the adventure. The boat is off from September to January to fill the account then start again.
Continue to follow us and see you soon for new adventures!

The month of June of SirkusLaut

The month of June of SirkusLaut

2017 , June: Repairs continue

The preparation of the boat advances with great steps, all would be almost ready, but an accident of manipulation of the engine, force Iris to launch out in mechanic ! It means to dismount it, because it filled of sea water. At this time there, discovered of a mechanical strangeness : it’s also full of cooling’s liquid . It is thus necessary to dismount it completely, take it out from the boat and take it at the mecano. Solutions are found to take out the engin with assistance of Claude and some nice indonesian. The engin arrives at the mechanic workshop.

Few days later, the 15th June, come from Martinique Aurore and Mickael, they’re going to stay until the end of August, for the first Aeleutheria’s travel with Sirkus Laut.

Before the big departure, some more small things to do, without cunting the engin, that put end to end, form a rather consequent list !

Iris and Aurore start to clean the hold driving, and then attack to do again silicone of boats’s ports with true Sikaflex, silicone great airtight, favourite material of sailors ! The « Sika »(among other material), is not on Batam island, it’s necessary to make one gone return to Singapour, it means  to take the ferry, to change of country, it’s possible in a full day.

It’s the first time Aurore make the airflight of a port and manipulate this chimical and delicate material…A disaster, it will be necessary to do all again !

But still, Aurore take along the cable of the sounder until the tiller, inside the cockpit, where will be installed the screen of reading on a small table of wood, will be also use for the shelf for navigation’s maps, and for the compass.  Mika deal with restarting the both engin yamaha 15 horses. One will be sold or exchanged against a dinghy. Iris restore the teak door of the boat was rotting : Sikaflex, sandpapering and varnish (7 coats for outside !)

One day, new of the workshop where is the engine : it should be taken along to a big chinese mechanic workshop in Nagoya, the city to 20km from here, to test it. To find a car to transport it was not so simple, especially for a women. But finally, William, a indonesian who have a stand at the market, find a small pick-up to rent with driver, no choice ! Arrived at Nagoya, we learn that the following day the majority of shops, also this workshop, close during 10 days, it’s hollidays of the end of Ramadan !

Verdict for parts of the engine : it necessary to buy 4 liners and segments, and to bring back one liner at the big workshop to test the pistons. All that, with the hollidays at the middle, it’s synonym of waiting. But there is manythings to do ! First, to find parts engine. Iris thought to go in Malesia, cause in Singapour, the prices are too much expensive. Finally, it’s Remi who orders its at U .S.A , delivered at Singapour for defying prices any competition !

The reality is that is very complicated to do everything end to end, many times because it misses  some equipment, or it’s not the good one. Hollidays don’t help us …

Go back to the list of things to do, and progress, in bulk :

  •    Mika carry out plans to make manufacture davits by the Boudit’s factory, an indonesian Iris’s friend. It’s a gantry installed in the back boat, wich is used to fix the solar panels.
  • Some gone return are made with the yamaha store for parts engin of the dinghy. Engine oil, anode, propiler. We must go back two times, it’s not models good.
  • Besides, a big progress for the future life on board : Aeleutheria has a dinghy ! It’s Joeff, an Australian manufacturer of dinghy(at exorbitant prices), not fare away from here, who has found it to us, a second hand for a reasonable price. The sale of one of the both dinghy’s engine is going to refund it. It’s a nice big dinghy, with fund aluminium, which unfortunately is not perfect, it flees already where it was restuck. Joeff will go back to try to make it well…
  • We’ve also found the big cable wich missed to connect the electric anchor winch.

June finishes. The hope is to leave in one week to Malaisia, to obtain a sailing permit . It’s a request of Jotun stores to honour their partnership with Sirkus Laut.This one consists in providing free the paint to careen the boat, this for unlimited period !

Then, go back to Batam quickly to recover the paint(with sailing permit!), and to set out again in Malaysia to careen, because over there it’s really sheaper to take out the boat out of water. In this next week, we need to connect anchor winch, the VHF, the sounder and the autopilot. To repair the tank with diesel fuel, to connect the tank with sweet water, to prepare the rigging and fitting to sail.To make manufacture davits, to sell one yamaha engin.

And for sure : to go to seek parts of the engine of the boat in Singapour, and the engine in Nagoya at the chinese mechanic workshop. To reassemble it, to seal off the hold engine, and there, we’ll be able to leave. Vast program !

As much to say that time ago to be bored these next days in board of Aeleutheria.

The weekend 24th and 25th of June

The weekend 24th and 25th of June

A circus workshop at the Harris Batam Waterfront resort hotel

Iris knows well Romain, the French manager of the hotel next to the Marina. He invited us to have an improvised circus workshop, during a busy weekend. It was a great oportunitie to make photos, and restart the networking for getting partnership with the Tauzia chain, which has hotels all over Asia.
Let’s see later what kind of partnership this action will evolve … Paid services or sponsorship? We don’t know yet!

Saturday 24th June

All of us by the pool of a luxury hotel, we will have our first free circus workshop for wealthy families childrens’, unlikely but true!We installed the workshop at midday, slack line, carpet, juggling bowls,… and we try to attract the attention by some clowning exhibit, so that the parents register their children in the session planned at 4pm. Almost all of them said that they will go shopping.
We canceled the registration and we come back around 3:30 pm to see who would be there.
Finally, few young chinese, and a small and clever indian boy are there. Followed by a couple of French teachers from Singapore with two adorable childrens. The workshop finally takes place in an playful rather than pedagogic way. But given the holiday context with lot of attractions around, difficult to do otherwise. Childrens and parents are happy, and us too!

Sunday 25th June The Hari Raya

It’s how to call in Indonesia the day after the fasting month (Ramadan), at the new moon, the equivalent of the Aid in Arabic countries.  Tradition wants it that everyone goes to greet his neighbors and especially the elders. Every families has food and drinks to share. Childrens also go from house to house, where they are offered money, candies and drinks!
The symbolic of this day is to be born again like a newborn, after having washed its sins during the month.
We were lucky and honored to be invited by Ima, Iris’s friend from Java, to lunch. Then went around the neighborhood with Ima and her husband. A great welcome, with delicious things to taste! After five houses, not to mention the hearty lunch, our stomachs were struggling to keep up!
It was a super great day! It made us feel close and in touch with the local peoples after many endless work days on the boat!

First day in Batam, on Aeletheria!

First day in Batam, on Aeletheria!

First day 2017 for Sirkus Laut organization (Iris and Chloe for the moment), on Aeleutheria!

Between moving in, little visit around, small work in progress and rest… We already had a good day!

In our “moving in boxes”: our first nice basis of circus gear! It’s thanks to our Ulule donators generosity and the great gesture of Monocirk, Nantes, France, that Sirkus Laut was able to embark all of this!

In our packages, too : amazing soaps of Aroma Nature, one of our first partners. Sylvain and Leanne, the soap makers, wanted we wash ecologically from the very beginning of our trip!

Thank you so much for your wonderful help!!

Circus stuff for future shows and workshops

Iris introduces circus stuff we will use for our shows and scholar workshops. Behind: Aeleutheria!


Aroma Nature soaps introduction

Let us introduce you our new partner: Aroma Nature and their delicious handicraft soaps!

Iris arrival in Singapore. Next step: Aeleutheria in Batam, Indonesia!!

Iris arrival in Singapore. Next step: Aeleutheria in Batam, Indonesia!!

On thursday the 26th January, Iris tread upon Singapore!!

Chloe received her after her “quick” 19h travel from Marseille. She was laden down with huge packages, full of essential stuff for the boat and the project : juggling stuff, sail, …(you know more as soon as we embark, haha!). Towards Malcolm and Paulina’s comfy flat (thank you so much for hosting us, friends!) for a couple of relaxing nights in Marina Bay, a bit of computering, … Then, move out for good to Eleftheria, Batam, Indonesia!


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A little rest well deserved !!!

A little rest well deserved !!!

Hello everyone !

It is with a twinge in the heart that we tell you soon! Indeed, it is time for me to return to Europe to work a little. As for the girls, they take a little well-deserved holiday ! The project will resume in 2 months (January 2017). We are happy because the work has progressed well. There will still be some tinkers to do (fairing, rigging…) and finally we can put the sails. Besides there are some places to fill, you can contact me by mail or facebook. We are already looking forward to leaving and giving you news again… See you soon !!!

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