Sirkus Laut, the circus of the seas – Sirkus Laut organization

Following the acquisition by the Sirkus Laut organization of a 15-meter yacht in Indonesia, in Batam, opposite Singapore, we set up a project of itinerant artistic creation with the aim of bringing together artists and offering shows Inspired from the four corners of the world.

On the program : music, circus, theater, dance, film and video projections, etc. ! Sirkus LAut will also offer initiation workshops (also in several disciplines: circus, music, cooking, art …), in order to share, transmit and promote cultural exchanges, the boat allowing us to meet the Populations.

The Sirkus Laut project will last several years and the crew will run quite regularly. Departure aboard the Eleftheria is scheduled from Batam to Australia via Bali.

Sirkus Laut needs you to exist ! Do not hesitate to follow us on the social networks, to contribute to the adventure and why not even join us on the boat !!!

Sirkus Laut, stay tuned !

Welcome on board of the Sirkus Laut website !!!



First day in Batam, on Aeletheria!

First day 2017 for Sirkus Laut organization (Iris and Chloe for the moment), on Aeleutheria! Between moving in, little visit around, small work in progress and rest… We already had a good day! In our "moving in boxes": our first nice basis of circus gear! It's thanks...

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RCF Ardèche Radio on air

Thank you Radio RCF Ardèche !!! "Iris Pirola, a native of Lamastre, is passionate about the circus and the oceans ! She decided to combine these two passions in a single project : Sirkus Laut...

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A little rest well deserved !!!

It is with a twinge in the heart that we tell you soon! Indeed, it is time for me to return to Europe to work a little. As for the girls, they take a little well-deserved holiday…

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