Welcome abord, dear ship-mate!

Let me tell you the fabulous story of Sirkus Laut. This is the story of a dream… The dream of a child, a citizen of the World, who dreams to be at one with the people, feet plunging into the water, head floating in the clouds. Once upon a time there was a boat: Aeleutheria. Which, in ancient Greek, means « Freedom ». This fifteen-meter ship, anchored in Asia, is a proud sailboat of iron and steel waiting patiently to return to the sea. From its meeting with the association “Sirkus Laut” (the “circus of the sea” in Indonesian) was born a crazy project.

Sailing around the world to meet others, especially children, to awaken consciences, to share art… all the arts… The association decides to restore the ship. Sirkus Laut recruits a crew made up of artists, circus performers, musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists. Curious rationnal being eager to see this little spark of light into one’s eyes. So, at each stopover, we create shows and offer introductory  workshops, even in the most remote places. More than anything, the crew wants to bring joy wherever it drops anchor to give everyone an opportunity to make up the future together.

With this enterprising and intrepid project, in three years, we have launched the sailboat and already sailed in several seas, oceans and straits, anchoring in dozens of incredible places such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We have provided free circus workshops with children and free shows accessible to everyone. We met smiles and promises on the faces, people greeted us warmly, despite speaking very little English. We have accessed a land wherein the language barrier disappears…

Since the beginning of the project, the team – Iris, Facundo, Ugo – has already welcomed more than a dozen artists from around the world on board, all volunteering. With our involvement in the preservation of the environment, circus workshops are a great opportunity to educate children about the problems of waste, which are the vectors of marine pollution.

Become a partner of a committed project that valorises you. Strongly convinced of the scope of our project, we have already invested 30,000 euros. In order to sustain our action, we are looking for collaborations. This money will be used to maintain the boat, cover the costs of operations and organise circus workshops, which represents a major role in our activity.

Come on board to discover with us, ship-mates!

Iris, Captain of Aeletheuria

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